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Providing Senior Solutions with a Caring Heart

Donlyn's Grandmother

My Grandmother

My journey began in my childhood.  My grandmother was in and out of the hospital with physical issues and also had dementia, although it was called senility back then. I watched her go through so much and also felt how it impacted the rest of my family.  When one is hurt, it affects everyone on so many levels.  It broke my heart when she passed away and I will forever miss her sweet heart and feistiness. Because of that, I feel I’ve had a caring heart for seniors since youth.  I worked in retirement communities and also was very involved in many volunteer programs to visit with seniors.  I thought back then that we were blessing them with our visits but learned that their jewels of wisdom, candidness, feistiness and tenderness were actually rewarding blessings for me. I learned so much in those visits about compassion and love and life’s journey that we must each go on.

Donlyn Young

Donlyn Young

I’ve worked with the senior population in varied capacities since youth and transitioned many years ago into helping seniors locate the best options when they need more care.  I use tools from my Master’s in Psychology in working with family dynamics of trying to get everyone on the same page and all of the emotional dynamics that surface with dramatic circumstances involving a parent, spouse, grandparent or friend.  It is my personal goal to remain with the family through the entire process, to encourage them when they feel broken down and make sure their loved one is in the right place. I treat each family as if I were helping my own mother and how I would want to be treated if I were in a time of crisis.

Donlyn Young, M.A.

CA Department of Social Services, Residential Care Facility for the Elderly Administrator Certification Certificate #6034279740 Gerontology Certificate