respite-careWhile caring for someone with a physical or neurological disability can be incredibly rewarding, the daily effort can be overwhelming. A caregiver may feel exhausted or isolated from normal daily activities. Respite care is a short-term solution providing the caregiver temporary relief from stress and restoring energy and the feeling of normalcy. Maintaining your health, well-being, and managing your role as primary caregiver 24 hours a day is of the utmost importance. This is physically and emotionally challenging and you should not take on this endeavor alone. You should never feel guilty about seeking support for yourself or sharing the responsibility for full time caregiving. You need to find the right balance to help sustain your own needs (i.e. family, work or “me” time) and the needs of your loved one who requires full time care.

Do you want to take a vacation for a week? Would you like to finish that project you started months ago? Maybe you’d like to get together with a few friends for a weekend laying around the pool and talking about old times or the future. Perhaps you would just like to take a day to get a massage and do a little shopping. Respite care can be the solution you need to re-energize and refresh yourself. As a full time caregiver, both you and your loved one will benefit physically and emotionally from a short time spent apart from one another. Respite care offers a guilt-free solution. There are many types of respite care available: in-home companionship, assisted living, adult day programs, and residential care home (a.k.a. board and care).

Benefits of respite care for the caregiver are:
➢ A time of peace and calm away from your situation
➢ A time to renew, relax, re-energize and recharge the batteries
➢ A time for social re-engagement with family or friends

When your loved one is no longer able to live independently, there may come a time when a community environment is the best alternative to home care. It’s a good idea to investigate this option and respite care is the perfect solution. It gives you the opportunity to compare providers on a short term basis and your loved one can help make a decision based on the services desired for a comfortable life style.

The benefit of respite care in an assisted living or care home is knowing your loved one will receive:
➢ Professional care
➢ Three meals a day and snacks
➢ A fully furnished room
➢ A social environment with a variety of activities
➢ Transportation to shopping and outside events

Every community is different and offers unique amenities for individuals whether its bingo, entertainment, or just the ability to sit in a beautiful room and quietly read a book. We at A Caring Heart Senior Solutions Inc. invite you to contact us any time to discuss what the best method of respite care is for you and your family.